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Energy Efficient Aluminium Windows and Doors

Energy Ratings

Window Energy Ratings (WER) is a scheme which is similar to the energy ratings you find on household appliances – based on a scale of A-G, with ‘A’ rated windows being the most energy efficient.

We can provide you with ‘A’ rated windows, which compared to standard windows will significantly reduce heat loss and create a more comfortable living space for your home . As well as reducing bills by up to 10% to save your customers money.

You can take advantage of the growing market for energy efficient products by choosing us as your supplier. Aluminium’s slim frame also means more glass space which further increases energy efficiency because you have less frame.

We supply ALUK/Beaufort windows in a choice of different window styles and a wide variety of colours, including single and dual colouring. Our aluminium windows offer homeowners the flexibility to match their existing windows or change the appearance of their property altogether, for a contemporary or traditional look.

Click here if you would like to download our PDF Brochure about our Aluminuim Windows & Doors.

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Secondary Glazing for Warmer Homes   Secondary Glazing for Quiter Homes   Secondary Glazing for More Secure Homes
Secondary Glazing increases the energy efficiency of your home, helping to reduce your energy bills.

Secondary Glazing for Warmer Homes
  Secondary glazing can reduce noise from the outside by up to 80% and once fitted is hardly visible.

Secondary Glazing for Quiter Homes
  Secondary Glazing provides an additional barrier and therefore provides improved security.

Secondary Glazing for More Secure Homes

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